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Admission to the school and kindergarten for study year 2020-2021 is on!
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    Online application form for admission to NSS School for academic year 2020-2021

    NEW SCHOOL OF SCIENCE — learning for a successful life!

    It is a licensed private school that consists of kindergarten, elementary, secondary and high school, and also out-of-school facilities.

    We have developed a diverse, innovative curriculum in order for our pupils to receive quality education with joy and a hunger for knowledge.

    Our goal is to make a stay a pleasant for our pupils, and the study process itself
    an inspiring one.

    We are moving towards a more dynamic and modernized learning system in order to reach a comprehensive and complete
    development of children.

    We offer kindergarten and whole-day school (09:00 to 18:00) as well as distance learning.

    Our approach is integrated study: academic education, science, technology, art, sports.

    This approach enhances pupils’ performance, fosters human values, and builds skills
    for adult life.

    We offer a learning environment where creative, entrepreneurial and innovative skills make up the basis of the curriculum.

    Structure of NSS school

    3-6 years
    Creating a solid foundation for future learning

    Elementary school
    Grades 1-4
    Development of children as a whole as explorer

    Secondary school
    Grades 5-9
    Fashioning pupils as creative, critical, and reflective thinkers

    High school
    Grades 10-12
    Prepare for a success in further education in Ukraine and abroad

    Our unchangable rules

    Individual approach
    Needs and desires of a child are our priority

    English-speaking environment
    In the afternoon, subjects will be taught in English

    Bilingual system of education
    50% Ukrainian – 50% English

    No overloaded classes
    The optimal number of children in one group / class is up to 18 persons

    Whole-day school and kindergarten is open
    from 08:00 to 18:00

    No homework
    Learning and completing home tasks only during the learning process

    The new format of education

    Language as an environment
    • At NSS school they do not just learn English: they communicate and explore the world.
    • Study process is bilingual. Our principle is “from learning English to learn by using English.”
    • The program is focused on science, technology and the arts. All of this is mostly taught in English.
    • There are fully English-speaking groups in kindergarten and school classes, with all subjects taught in English.
    • From the age of 3 years old children will learn a second foreign language, because today a successful future requires knowledge of several languages.
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    Everything in practice!
    • We place the greatest emphasis on practical skills.
    • In financial literacy lessons we involve children in creating business projects. They go through all the stages as “in real life”: tasks – idea creation – strategy and business plan development – project presentation.
    • Some practical lessons will help understanding the principles of healthy eating and teach how to cook healthy meals. Children will also learn to grow edible plants.
    • Instead of the usual physical training lessons there will be fun and useful activities: bicycle, swimming, gymnastics.
    • Special lessons with a psychologist will help pupils to better communicate and feel most comfortable.
    Exchange of experience
    • Every year our pupils participate in international academic competitions.
    • We offer a diverse selection of pupils exchange programs between schools around the world in the areas of science and technology, IT, business, arts, sports.
    • We involve teachers and school leaders from different countries, especially those in the educational field, in teaching and counsulting.
    Pupils’ involvement in school life
    • School radio.
    • School football team.
    • Teamwork on the school newspaper in two languages – English and Ukrainian.
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    We have a robust security system in place around the school. It includes:

    • closed yard;
    • surveillance cameras in the building and in the yard;
    • pass entry system;
    • security team permanently located within the school.

    Health care

    Two nurses and a pediatrician will work permanently at the school with children. All premises are equipped to the highest quality standards, as well as in accordance with all state and sanitary norms.


    Catering facilities at the school complies with the sanitary standards, completed with the most modern equipment. Parents will be able to choose a diet for their child.

    Kindergarten classes and groups

    • Room concept is a coworking space. Children can sit where they are comfortable – on a sofa, pouffes, at the table or on the floor.
    • Classrooms look like conference rooms.
    • The school is built on the principle of mental wellness. It means a change in environment where a child is and it gives motivation and drives to an achievement.
    • Innovative classes of elementary school are equipped with interactive panels and desks. STEM- and IT-laboratories, classroom of science, modern calssrooms of art and ceramics, workshops for various handicrafts, professionally equipped school hall, spacious gym are waiting for pupils.
    • Such a practical and flexible education format guarantees successful continuation of higher education or the acquisition of relevant skills in any other formats.
    • And to actively apply these will help us by using successful experience in the educational field such countries as Finland, Singapore, Great Britain, Poland, the Netherlands and the USA.


    How to find us

    School location address

    • 5, Myru Str., Petropavlivska Borschahivka, Kyiv

    Office New School of Science

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