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  • About NSS school

    NSS International School is a bilingual whole-day private educational establishment of a new format.

    Curriculum of the school and also extracurricular activities are diverse and innovative.

    Bilingual whole-day school provides graduates with a certificate of secondary education of the state standard, as well as the opportunity to obtain a diploma of complete secondary education of the international standard.

    NSS International School consists of:

    3-6 years
    Creating a sound foundation for future education

    Elementary school
    1-4 grades
    Development of children as a whole as explorer

    Secondary school
    5-9 grades
    Developing pupils as creative, critical, and reflective thinkers

    High school
    Grades 10-12
    Prepare for a success in further education in Ukraine and abroad

    The school has an innovative extracurricular educational establishment

    The new format of education

    Language as an environment
    • At NSS school they do not just learn English: they communicate and explore the world.
    • Study process is bilingual. Our principle is “from learning English to learn by using English.”
    • The program is focused on science, technology and the arts. All of this is mostly taught in English.
    • There are fully English-speaking groups in kindergarten and school classes, with all subjects taught in English.
    • From the age of 3 years old children will learn a second foreign language, because today a successful future requires knowledge of several languages.
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    Everything in practice!
    • We place the greatest emphasis on practical skills.
    • In financial literacy lessons we involve children in creating business projects. They go through all the stages as “in real life”: tasks – idea creation – strategy and business plan development – project presentation.
    • Some practical lessons will help understanding the principles of healthy eating and teach how to cook healthy meals. Children will also learn to grow edible plants.
    • Instead of the usual physical training lessons there will be fun and useful activities: bicycle, swimming, gymnastics.
    • Special lessons with a psychologist will help pupils to better communicate and feel most comfortable.
    Exchange of experience
    • Every year our pupils participate in international academic competitions.
    • We offer a diverse selection of pupils exchange programs between schools around the world in the areas of science and technology, IT, business, arts, sports.
    • We involve teachers and school leaders from different countries, especially those in the educational field, in teaching and counsulting.
    Pupils’ involvement in school life
    • School radio.
    • School football team.
    • Teamwork on the school newspaper in two languages – English and Ukrainian.
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    We help our children:

    • to speak English and Ukrainian fluently;
    • to gain a high level of academic knowledge;
    • to demostrate creative and sport skills;
    • to develop critical thinking and innovative research approach to cope with any task;
    • to feel themselves as “people of the world”;
    • to grow healthy, happy and curious.

    Our team

    NSS is also a place of continuous academic improvement.

    The school is a living foundation for future education welcoming educators, leaders, and researchers to learn together with our pupils.

    We are working on engagement to our team the best professionals with a great desire to work, develop and learn.

    Education at the NSS International School

    The curriculum aims to develop skills relevant to the 21st century:

    Critical thinking
    Team work

    These conceptions in education will help children gain different skills needed for their successful future.

    We strive to help each child to find their own talents, and also constantly develop and graduate from the school with a confidence in their abilities. We encourage pupils to follow their own passion and support the recognition of talents variety within education, sports, arts and science.