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  • Approaches to learning

    Special aspects of education at NSS school

    The curriculum aims to develop skills relevant to the 21st century:

    Critical thinking

    These conceptions will help children gain the skills they will need for a successful future.

    Сonceptions of learning

    We actively apply successful experience in the educational field such countries as Singapore, Finland, USA, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain.

    Bilingual study

    • Bilingual environment is created at the school: 50% Ukrainian and 50% English. This allows to go beyond standard frames of English language proficiency in secondary school.
    • Pupils learn to speak a foreign language in different life situations. Bilingualism changes the structure of learning: from learning foreign language to learn by using foreign language.
    • Curriculum is focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, maths and language. English is a learning tool.
    • Broad-based curriculum with focus on thematic and interdisciplinary learning. Pupils are embracing such critical phenomena as digital literacy, innovation / entrepreneurship, mental health and well-being, healthy lifestyles, design thinking and financial literacy.
    • From the age of 3 years old children learn English with native speakers twice a week.
    • Study is primarily aimed at practical and research activities.

    «Grow and cook» project

    From elementary school we strive to impart useful knowledge to children about growing healthy food, making them happy to observe and interact with plants.

    The “Grow and cook” project will help learn more about how you can grow your own food and how to eat healthier.

    And what is more at Cooking lessons that  cooking dishes is fun!

    «Successful people in my life» project

    Every month children will be in the environment of successful adults. In practice they will learn how to introduce, to present themselves, how to prepare for a successful life, get acquainted with various professions.

    We strive to help each child find their own talents. Pupils are constantly developing and leave the school with a confidence in their abilities. We encourage them to follow their own passion. We discover and recognize a variety of talents: in sciences, in sports, in the arts.

    Pupils newspaper «The NSS Times» project

    In the first study year we plan to publish a school newspaper in two languages: Ukrainian and English.