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    FAQ about NSS school

    It will opened in August 2020 and the study process will start in September 2020. The first Doors Open Day will take place in May and everyone will have an opportunity to discover the training complex and get with our team.

    Yes, the school has a state license. Referring in the official language the school has a right “to carry out educational activities in the field of pre-school education and general secondary education (elementary education, basic secondary education, complete secondary education)”. The stages of study are as follows: kindergarten (3 to 6 years), elementary school (1-4 grades), secondary school (5-9 grades) and high school (10-12 grades).

    Application to 2020/2021 study year is only for kindergarten, elementary and secondary school pupils. Application to high school is planned for 2021/2022 study year.

    Yes, we provide 50% of the school curriculum in English. Also an English-speaking mentor is in charge of each class. English lessons will only be held with a native speaker, and an English-speaking mentor will also be present. (S)he will accompany pupils during the day. Free communication between pupils and teachers will be mainly in English.

    Yes, every pupil, together with parents, can choose to learn the second foreign language: French, German or Spanish. Learning the second foreign language is included in the tuition fees.

    Yes, our school has open enrollment policy 24/7. So whatever the circumstances arise in your family, you can always bring your child to us without waiting for the beginning of a new study year in September. We welcome new pupils to kindergarten and/or school at any time during study year.

    Children who will be enrolled in pre-school and the first grade class groups are interviewed by teachers and psychologist. Entrance testing takes no more than 30 minutes.

    Those who apply to 2-4 grades must be interviewed for academic knowledge in school subjects. Of course, the level of academic preparation for a child is one of the criteria, but it is not crucial/deciding one.

    We encourage our pupils to wear school uniforms, because good corporate clothing is part of the school’s image. Clothing design for our school is specially cerated by the Ukrainian designer. We will also offer pupils a wide variety of school brand things and school kit. But it is not obligatory to wear a school uniforms.

    There are no more than 18 children in each class or kindergarten group. Our unchangeable rule is not to overload groups and classes.

    Yes, we provide our pupils with all the necessary study materials. The right to choose your favorite pen or notebook at our stationery store we leave up to you 🙂

    Each of our graduates receives a certificate of secondary education of the state standard. There is also an additional opportunity – to get a diploma of full secondary education of an international standard.

    Doors Open Days will be held twice a year. All parents who are interested in following the study process from the inside will be invited to visit. You will be able to spend all day in school following lessons.

    Yes, the main study program provides group and individual trainings with psychologist and speech therapist on request and with parents permission.

    Yes, of course we provide our pupils with a balanced diet. In kindergarten it is five times, and in school it is three times per day. During application to our educational establishment parents can indicate what kind of diet is needed for a child.

    Yes, in our educational establishment there will be a swimming pool. For the pupils of our school a visit to a pool is included in the tuition fees. For out-of-school participants a pool will be accessable in the hours after the educational process for an additional cost.

    There is also a football field, tennis court and much more interesting. We play cards close to our chest for the moment 🙂

    The school is guarded by security cameras and several security posts. Access to the school territory is possible only with ID card of a pupil. Parents and authorized delegates receive passing cards.

    Yes, we will have our own parking. We offer delivery transportation in the mornings and evenings for an additional fee.

    Do you want to know more about our school? Please send us a letter to the e-mail address: info@nsschool.com.ua and mention in the subject line “Questions about study”. We will provide you with all the answers!

    Do you have any questions?