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  • Admission to bilingual kindergarten for 3‑6 years old children

    Admission to NSS school Kindergarten

    Why is it worth to choose NSS school private kindergarten in Kyiv?

    Because here your baby will spend joyful and eventful pre-school three years!

    Right away from the age of three, when baby soaks up everything new and interesting like a sponge, (s)he will be immersed in the English-speaking environment. This will help to master English proficiency easily and naturally. Mother tongue communication skills will be developed simultaneously, because our formula is 50×50: 50% English curriculum and 50% Ukrainian curriculum.

    Not only language immersion goes smoothly and joyful at NSS school. All lessons i.e. sports, arts, sciences are held through play-based learning. Education through play is easier and more enjoyable!

    What is admission procedure?

    We will arrage a meeting with you at your convenience.

    You can call us or get a phone call by submitting a request online.

    We can meet with you at the individual meeting at NSS School. Please, complete the following form for arranging it. We will call you and arrange the meeting at your convenience.

    During individual meeting we will be able to get acquainted with each other and get a clear picture of needed documents, fill in the application form and discuss tuition fees. We will try our best to match the most appropriate payment terms for you.

    What documents are required?

    Parents submit the following documents to enroll a child to the NSS school:

    statement (1) 1

    Application form
    (to be filled at our office)

    Health record (certificate) of a standard form

    agreement 1

    Copy of child’s birth certificate

    Select suitable format of NSS school introduction for you

    Online consultation

    Please, provide your email and we will send you all important information about admission requirements and tuition fees.

    Get a phone call

    You can provide your contact details and we will call you, and tell about our educational complex.

    Individual meeting at NSS School

    For attending our educational complex, please, apply in advance.