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  • Bilingual kindergarten for 3-6 years old children

    Education through play!

    The NSS bilingual kindergarten of the new format in Kyiv invites children 3-6 years old.

    We help children to develop, study, learn languages, develop social and communication skills, demonstrate their talents, creative and athletic abilities for being happy, healthy and curious through play-based learning.

    We want to go beyond standard frames of English language proficiency in secondary school. For this purpose, bilingual environment is created at the school: 50% Ukrainian and 50% English. During the day pupils will be accompanied by Ukrainian- and English-speaking mentors. “One mentor – one language” rule will help children to better communicate in their native and foreign languages.

    Private kindergarten creates ideal conditions for bilingual environment immersion: learning through play and communication.

    In addition to communicating in English with an English speaking mentor, various regular lessons in English, English language lessons with native speakers are also held in all groups. These help to get used to the pronunciation features, train hearing and speak fluently.

    Fluent English proficiency without accent

    Bilingual environment in the kindergarten allows to immerse in English with no stress and tearless. Time for Ukrainian and English is allocated equally that helps children to speak foreign language and improve mother toungue.

    Study system: 50% English curriculum / 50% Ukrainian curriculum

    All the time for communication, games and lessons is equally divided between two languages. So language environment immersion goes smoothly, comfortably and productively and without unnecessary tension.

    There are professional and caring mentors in each group

    Each group has English and Ukrainian mentor. General rule is “One mentor – one language”. Providing lessons through play and communication they help children to digest material and communicate more easier.

    English lessons with native speakers

    In addition to communication in English with an English speaking mentor, various regular lessons in English and English language lessons with native speakers are held in all age groups. These help to get used to the pronunciation features, train sense of hearing and speak fluently without accent.

    A day full of discoveries and knowledge

    Schedule is based on child’s circadiac cycle and follow the balance of changes in activities for healthy and harmonic development.

    Hour Activity
    08:30 Gymnastics
    08:50 Breakfast
    09:00 Circle time
    09:15 Сlasses
    10:15 Snack
    10:30 Сlasses
    11:30 Playing outside
    12:30 Lunch
    12:50 Reading books
    13:10 Relaxing and listening to an interesting story or accompanied by music
    13:30 Nap time
    15:00 Wake up+ Snack
    15:20 Сlasses
    17:00 Playing outside/Free play
    17:40 Dinner

    Leaning through play

    All lessons at the kindergarten are organized in a playful way to engage children the most and take their interest.

    Schedule is designed in a way to devote attention to a knowledge, to athletic abilities and creativity, as well as to development of emotional intelligence and teamwork skills.

    At the same time every day children have plenty of time to play and take fresh air walks, which is simply necessary for development and health.

    Curriculum is focused on building and development of:


    Athletic abilities

    Creative abilities

    Research skills

    Communication skills

    Broad mind

    International study programme

    International programme was chosen as the basis for English-taught study at the kindergarten. The main goal is full development of a child.

    Study modules of the International programme:


    •  Math
    •  Language art
    •  Science (group 5-6 years)
    •  Social studies (group 5-6 years)

    With English native speaker:

    •  English Speaking Club
    •  Craft
    •  English Project (group 5-6 years)


    • Drama
    •  Music
    •  Dancing
    •  Art
    •  Ceramics


    • Gymnastics
    • Swimming (group 5-6 years)

    Additional lessons

    •  Reading books
    •  Movie time
    •  Circle time
    •  Experiments STEM (group 5-6 years)
    •  Board games (group 5-6 years)

    Study modules of the Ukrainian programme:

    •  Language and speech;
    •  Math;
    •  Free play and play-based learning.

    Not only free play and fresh air walks in any weather it is fun and exciting. But all educational activities are also held through play. It supports child to digest more effectively all needed information.

    Displaying child’s talents

    We firmly believe that all children are talented, and our task is to create conditions in which each child will be able to demonstrate all his/her talents.

    We fill up every day with diverse creative activities that help children develop their potential. The activities are as follows:

    in a creative studio

    in a vocal studio




    in a theater studio

    in a pottery

    In order to grow strong and healthy and to be able to display athletic abilities children engage with professional coaches. We offer:




    Team sports

    Healthy and happy children

    We have created the most comfortable and safe environment in which children can explore the world with an interest, upgrade and develop new skills.

    Healthy and balanced five-course meals:

    • modern kitchen designed and built from a scratch;
    • professional staff;
    • eco-friendly products;
    • balanced diet that includes big amount of vegetables & fruits;
    • possibility to choose a diet menu;
    • exploration of different cuisines of the world.

    Physical activity:

    • interesting, safe and developing space inside and outside;
    • fresh air walks in any weather;
    • frequent change of activity.

    Health care

    Medical service constantly works, in particular, qualified nurses and a pediatrician.


    A professional company ensures the safety of our campus. The security system includes:

    • closed yard;
    • security cameras inside and outside the campus;
    • pass entry system;
    • security guard team that constantly is present at the campus.

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