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    NSS International school

    NSS International school is a bilingual whole-day school of a new format in Kyiv.

    We help our pupils:

    • to speak English and Ukrainian fluently;
    • to gain a high level of academic knowledge;
    • to display creative and sport skills;
    • to develop critical thinking and innovative research approach to cope with any task;
    • to feel themselves  as “people of the world”;
    • to grow healthy, happy and curious.

    Our graduates will be rich in opportunities, because the level of English proficiency and the background of received academic knowledge open them doors to the world’s most prestigious universities.

    To ensure that every day is productive and entertaining, besides the usual academic lessons, we have included in our schedule a large number of different activities. The main goal is the development of emotional intelligence, social skills, creative and athletic abilities. At the same time every day children have time to play and have fresh air walks.

    NSS school advantages for each pupil:

    • Ukrainian curricular is approved and licensed by the state;
    • international curricular is taught in English;
    • modern international textbooks;
    • modern methodology;
    • individual tablet;
    • creativity;
    • free play;
    • sports;
    • fresh air walks;
    • cycling;
    • additional classes and studios;
    • meals;
    • communication;
    • entertainment;
    • home tasks.

    A child receives all above listed in one convenient place not wasting energy on grueling trips from school to home and from home to studios and/or study groups.

    What is special in our school?

    1. We primarily focus on supporting pupils.
    2. Pupils participate in exciting projects that enable them to influence the world in positive ways.
    3. Broad-based curriculum focused on thematic and interdisciplinary study. It includes such important field of expertise as digital literacy, innovation / entrepreneurship, mental health and well-being, healthy lifestyles, design thinking and financial literacy.

    Structure of NSS school

    Elementary school

    Grades 1-4

    Development of children as a whole as explorer.

    Secondary school

    Grades 5-9

    Developing pupils as creative, critical, and reflective thinkers.

    High school

    Grades 10-12

    Preparation for a success in further education in Ukraine and abroad.

    There have been created comfortable conditions for effective immersion in English language environment at the school.

    Time for lessons and activities is equally divided between two languages – English and Ukrainian.

    Study system: 50% of English curriculum / 50% of Ukrainian curriculum.

    Level of English: A2 after elementary school graduation.

    The bilingual environment and international study programme help to learn to understand English and speak English at A2 level after graduation elementary school graduation.

    English lessons are given with native speakers.

    In addition to English lessons and a various daily lessons in English, there are regular lessons given with native speakers. These lessons help children to speak English fluently and without acсent.

    Further study opportunities for admission to world universities.

    Due to international teaching programmes, children grow and feel themselves part of the great English-speaking world and as well as part of Ukraine with its language, culture and history.


    Schedule is based on child’s circadiac cycle and follow the balance of changes in activities for healthy and harmonic development.

    Hour Activity
    08:40-09:00 Breakfast
    09:00-09:40 Сlasses
    09:50-10:30 Сlasses
    10:40-11:20 Snack
    11:20-12:00 Playing outside
    Team games
    12:00-12:40 Сlasses
    12:50-13:30 Сlasses
    13:40-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-14:40 Playing outside/Free play
    14:40-15:20 Сlasses
    15:20-15:40 Afternoon Snack
    15:40-16:20 Сlasses
    16:30-17:10 Сlasses
    17:15-17:30 Dinner
    17:30-18:00 Citcle time/Free play


    Study at NSS immerses pupils in the center of creative innovations. We allow pupils to explore, experiment, make mistakes, have fun and learn in order to be truly creative ones.

    The core curriculum includes the following lessons:

    • drama;
    • music;
    • dancing;
    • ceramics;
    • cooking;
    • art.


    We implement a balanced learning concept, and physical activity is no less important than mental activity.

    The core curriculum includes the following lessons:

    • gymnastics;
    • cycling;
    • swimming;
    • team sports.

    Pupils also have the opportunity to be part of the school football team.

    Science and technology

    Technology is an integral part of our pupils’ and teachers’ education. The school has digital study programmes to help pupils to cooperate, create projects, and solve real cases. For implementing it the school purchased minicomputers Micro:bit from Microsoft for easy learning programming course. These small devices can teach an 11-year-old child to program independently, as well as get interested in the science for life long.

    The English part of our bilingual curriculum is focuses primarily on the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We provide a STEM-education that develops capabilities for research, analytical work, experimentation and critical thinking.

    Health and safety

    The school is guarded by robust security system is in place around the school.

    Access to the school territory is possible only with ID card of a pupil.

    Access to and exit from the school is only possible with passing cards.

    Two nurses and a pediatrician will work permanently at the school with children.

    All premises are equipped to the highest quality standards as well as in accordance with all state and sanitary norms.

    Catering facilities at the school complies with the sanitary standards, completed with the most modern equipment.


    Room concept is a coworking space. Children can sit where they are comfortable on a sofa, pouffes, at the table or on the floor.

    Classrooms look like conference rooms.

    The school is built on the principle of mental wellness. It means a change in environment where a child is and it has a positive effect on the development of individual talents and abilities. A child is interested in changing the environment and feeling more motivated and successful.

    There are innovative classrooms, modern IT-laboratories, classrooms of science and technology, art and ceramics classrooms, swimming pool, professional football field, wide school hall for organizing different school events are located at our educational establishment.


    Library will host different interesting activities, i.e. School Library day. And also there will be delivered reading lessons for elementary school pupils, meetings with writers, quests, Language club for high school pupils. We will encourage pupils to attend leesons at the library, do home tasks, and simply spend free time there.

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