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    Extracurricular activities

    Lessons are just a part of fun and diverse school life. We are delighted to extend the day with our pupils at the innovative extracurricular educational establishment based on the NSS Private School. In order your child’s leisure to be as fun and joyful as possible, we have prepared special extracurricular programmes.

    We offer pupils additional lessons suit every taste. You can ride a bike, dance, play the piano, do yoga, do scientific experiments, paint real canvases, build entire cities with LEGO kit, and learn some cool language in addition…There are so many possibilities!

    By the way, above activities are available not only to NSS pupils. Our extracurricular activities are available to all, regardless a child studies at our school or not.

    Our extracurricular programme has several main areas:

    Art and creativity


    Science and technology



    Art and creativity

    Every child is a unique artist. In childhood everyone boldly dreams, improvising freely, playing the images fervently and having a lot of fun with creativity. Especially if there are educators who can help a young person find his/her own artistic strength, look at the world from an unusual angle. And express seen beauty with the help of material let that be a piece of putty clay, a fragrant gouache or a delicious biscuit dough. And literally turn it into reality with whole body by singing, dancing, plasticity.

    Children are most willing to play with pleasure. A little dancer will not necessarily go to a professional ballet lessons, and a keen pianist will not necessarily have to perform on the international stage. But the acquired skills help them to grow more unselfconscious, to find unobtrusive solutions in life, to deal more effectively with challenges (no wonder how popular is art therapy!). Art lessons create new neural links and expand the world.

    And also young talents love to go through different occupation, it helps them to understand what they prefer more. We stand for not limiting or pushing, but for opening and giving maximum opportunities!

    Extracurricular educational establishment of NSS school offers lessons in the following studios:

    • dance;
    • theatre;
    • music and vocal;
    • “Fashion and Design” studio;
    • art;
    • pottery and ceramics;
    • cooking.


    To find out what is most enjoyable for a child, let’s leave him/her with peers for a while. What will it be? Obviously, running, jumping, scurrying and other active moves! If every such “live engine” could produce electricity, no power plants would be needed 🙂

    Parents and teachers know that this powerful energy needs to be let in a safe and useful direction. This is supported by coaches during section trainings. Children learn not only to jump or more accurately shot with a ball, but also to control their bodies, not to harm themselves and others, to obey rules, to combine freedom and discipline.

    The purpose of sports activities with children is not to set records, but to enjoy their healthy, trained and strong body, to understand and develop it. And this valuable skill that affects on mental activity and feelings, as well as relationships with others. Therefore, “scurrying ” is super useful, if you know how! And our experienced coaches know this well – and are able to inspire and guide pupils.

    Our extracurricular system of physical training is designed in a way that each child:

    • gеt acquainted with own body, its features and capabilities;
    • understand him or herself on a physical level, being in touch with own feelings and needs;
    • improve health;
    • increase general fitness level;
    • has an active leasure;
    • get plenty of joy of exercising and games.

    Extracurricular educational establishment of NSS school offers lessons in the following classes:

    • football;
    • basketball;
    • chess;
    • swimming;
    • motor racing;
    • boxing;
    • athletics;
    • karate;
    • tennis;
    • cheerleading.

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